Sobel, Wade + Mapley

Sobel, Wade + Mapley is a Cleveland-based Employment and General Business Litigation law firm.


The challenge with this project was a blank slate start with a tight 2-week schedule from nothing to launch. We met with Claire, Sean and Pete to get a sense of their style. They wanted something very, very simple, modern, and clean BUT with clear functionality so their clients could easily figure out where to click, etc. So while they’d love an Apple-like simplicity, we needed pointers and menus too.

Claire drew an arrow on a piece of scrap paper, and said she liked old maps. Sean liked navy blue. That was the starting point for the logo, hero image, and tagline. We found a 1904 Cleveland railway map that everyone loved for the main image, and sampled random sections from it for the Practice Areas images. The idea of arrows pointing the way on the map, and charting the path forward for the firm’s client’s cases gives the site cohesiveness.

Services we provided for this project:

  • Web design
  • Graphic design
  • Logo design
  • Web hosting + email setup through Bluehost

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